Saturday, January 28, 2012

Serv-All Electric Vendor Feedback

* Within 30 days of siging up with, I have already received several calls from producers needing permits pulled, and other electrical services done asap.  Thank you Flipsfilm.

Mike @ Serv-All Electric

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tourism is Economic Development

With all the recent buzz about Economic Development - nationally and locally - it's nice to focus on some specific, local examples that illustrate what those terms mean to for a state and community.

Yesterday, Jan 24, 2012 was Tourism and Hospitality Day at the Georgia Capitol and was a great opportunity to pause and appreciate the impact of Tourism on a state's economy. Here's what I learned from Georgia's Department of Economic Development and Georgia Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus...

  • Tourism is Georgia's 5th largest employer
  • Tourism generates a total economic impact of over $45 billion
  • Tourism supports more than 391,000 jobs.  For perspective, that's about 10.4% of all Georgia's payroll employment!
  • $5.6 billion in state, local and federal taxes were generated by that $45 billion of spend.
  • The Georgia Restaurant Association states that every 1 million spent in Georgia's 16,345 eating/drinking places generates and additional 29.2 jobs in the state.
 Tourism is unique in that it:
1) Is sustainable
2) Is "clean" industry
3) Clearly impacts local economies and
4) Impacts many different facets of an economy - transportation, lodging, meals, supplies, etc.

"Tourism" is a loose term that encompasses a wide range of topics from casual family trips to business conventions to international visitors to Filming and TV production.  Here's why Film/TV production can be such a positive influence on Tourism and overall Economic Development...

 When a film or TV is produced in a community (especially bit hits!), it can establish that community as a tourist destination for years to come.  That's especially important for smaller communities.  A film production can  inject hundreds of thousands of dollars into a community within a few days or weeks.

With filming and TV becoming a big industry for many states (Georgia is now #3 in filming, according to industry sources)  it's important to integrate Film/TV production into a community's Tourism/ Economic Development and Film/TV attraction programs and efforts.

Communities may want to consider taking a twofold approach to enhancing their Tourism/Filming attraction:

1) Identify and showcase community assets - not just the "big, pretty" things, but also the real world, gritty things that film/TV productions want - real world homes, warehouses, etc.

2) Remove obstacles to conducting business with the community.  That means making easy  access to community information, personnel and approval processes and streamlining the processes.  Film/TV companies operate in "GO FAST" mode so communities have to be ready - 24 x 7 to support filming requests when film/TV companies need them.  (Often on short notice!)

Many community representatives are happy to help get through bottlenecks but there needs to be a way to avoid making ALL requests "high level exceptions". A framework for establishing good service - from the film/TV producer perspective is critical.

Think about two restaurants, similar menu, similar prices, good food, nice locations but one has great service while the other has slow service, rude personnel and inconsistent diner experiences. Which would you choose?  The good service can be the big difference to winning the business because they removed the obstacles to doing business with them.

Removing bottlenecks and obstacles should be a community priority when trying to enhance Tourism and Filming.

Potential bottlenecks to filming in communities:
1) 24 x 7 access to personnel and policies
2) Inconsistent information about policies that affect filming (parking, law enforcement, fire departments, use of streets, use of community property, etc)
3) Short timelines and disjointed approval processes

As communities look to improve their Tourism and Economic Development, Filming of movies and TV can be a valuable contribution to the community strategy. Avoiding bottlenecks, delays and other obstacles to conducting business in the community should be a priority for communities. 

A "Welcoming" attitude combined with real programs can provide immediate results with long lasting benefits for a community. It's a great way to impact a multi billion dollar Tourism and Economic Development industry through improved local efforts!

Dale Sizemore is founder of FLIPSFilm, a web based service designed to enhance community filming experiences through a 24 x 7 "one stop shop".  This tool is a way to create a positive filming interactions between communities and the production industry.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get Connected - film and entertainment industry event Jan 26, 2012

Good folks and a nice way to meet new contacts in the industry!  Dale Sizemore

January 26th is the next Get Connected 6-11pm at The Foundry at Puritan Mill is located at 916 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia 30318. Foundry does not have ATM so please have cash for drinks,parking and entry!!

In January 2011, Get Connected brought opportunities to the film and entertainment industry to share, educate, encourage and inspire and network with one another. Starting with over one thousand attendees at its first event in Atlanta, the next eleven months saw the mixers tripling in size.

Get Connected's co-founders Autumn Bailey, Cynthia Collins and Brent Brooks personally invite Atlanta's entertainment community to join them in a Black & White Bash to thank them for their support at the famed Foundry at Puritan Mill, 916 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Each month sees Get Connected reaching new milestones, attracting the best of the best in independent films and opening new and exciting doors for its attendees. And like every month, independent film makers will screen their short films.  Hosted by the Cinema Dolls and sponsored by the Macon Film Festival, media sponsor, ProductionHub and with casting opportunities by the Jana VanDyke Agency and film pitching sessions with Jacob's Eye Entertainment, January 2012's mixer promises something for everyone who is looking to move their film, acting or directing career forward.

With a dedication to supporting charities and giving back to the community, Get Connected will donate partial proceeds from the event to the Cobb County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association.  Get Connected also supports Save A Child Month - January 2012.

The Foundry at Puritan Mill
916 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia 30318.
The Foundry does not have ATM or accept credit cards – CASH ONLY
$10 Admission
$5.00 Valet Parking
Free Food Courtesy of Zaxby's and dessert by Rayne'N Cakes
Black & White Attire is Optional

Seeking Vendors & Short Films For February 2012's event.  Please Visit For More Information

Preview January's Films from Local and International Filmmakers

Get Connected...Everything You Need to Take Your Career to the Next Level in On

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Showbiz Atlanta - behind the production scenes radio interview

Showbiz Atlanta interview Jan 3 2012

Thanks to Dana Barrett for hosting a nice experience and interviewing me about FLIPSFilm and filming in Georgia.

We covered a lot of ideas and topics - hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

WABE - Georgia Films

Informative radio piece about filming in Georgia - every community should listen to this and hear what happens when a film/TV productionWABE news article about Georgia filming comes to town!

Georgia Number 3 in filming!

Great news reported in the AJC!  Lots of publicity forthcoming from productions already made here and being released over the next 12 months...

Georgia ranked #3 in Filming

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Atlanta Business Radio X interview 1 3 12 with FLIPSFilm

Atlanta Business Radio X - FLIPSFilm radio interview about "behind the scenes" topics of film/TV production

Dana Barrett interview with Dale Sizemore of FLIPSFilm about the impact of streamlined film/TV production planning in communities.  Nice folks!  Break a leg on the success of the Atlanta Business Radio X show.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bold Ventures Radio Interview with FLIPSFilm

Bold Ventures Radio interview Dec 28, 2011 with FLIPSFilm
Thanks to Jean and David for the interview about FLIPSFilm and the entrepreneurial journey we've travelled thus far!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Serv_All Electric is now a FLIPSFILM electrician

Now filming companies have an official FLIPSFilm electrician to help obtain electrical permits (such as for generator use!) in local communities. They also do a wide range of commercial, residential and other electrical services, too.

Check them out for electrical contributions to your projects!

FLIPSFilm in National Association of Counties magazine

Henry County was our first FLIPSFilm community to go live. 

Here's a great article in the National Association of Counties website about why Henry County chose to streamline their film/TV approval process and attract new business to their community... Issue/11-7-11/Pages/HenryCountyhelpsstreamlinemovie-permittingprocess.aspx

We are proud to be showcased in this article for the innovative approach to making it easier to film in communities, enhancing economic development and tourism!

Welcome Dream Sanitation as FLIPSFilm Vendor

Dream Sanitation has joined FLIPSFilm as a provider of sanitation services and helping keep the environment clean.  They provide trash, recycling and other services for the entertainment and other industries.

Check them out at

My Ride Rules coming to Atlanta

The TV show "My Ride Rules" is coming to the Atlanta Metro area in January, 2012 to film 5 episodes. Check them out - it's a fun reality show about 4 car owners who rate each other's special cars for a prize. 

FLIPSFilm is helping them make filming in Georgia a good experience!

Welcome Habersham County - our newest community customer!

Welcome to Habersham County, Ga - our newest FLIPSFilm community who wants to encourage filming and TV production in this Northeast Georgia county.  Jason Tinsley, Assistant County Manager, did a great job of representing Habersham County in the Dec 28 Bold Ventures Radio interview.

Their efforts to build on their past successful community based filming is a good example of Chambers of Commerce combining with County officials to create programs that "fill the gaps"to attract business.  A good model for other communities, too!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 was wonderful!  Launched FLIPSFilm, added customers, built the team, many new friends!  Hope 2012 was even more successful...   Excellent interview on Bold Ventures Radio last Wed (12/28/11). Here's the link to the 30 minute interview.