Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Business Friendly Post in 5 23 12 AJC

A great post today in the Guest Column of Atlanta Journal Constitution (page A14) .  Sander Daniels, co-founder of and the Kauffman Foundation, surveyed over 6,000 small businesses about community "friendliness" toward small businesses.  The results were suprising!

It wasn't tax and federal regulations that matter most to small businesses, "the message was overwhelming: professional licensing regulations were almost twice as important to small businesses as are tax related regulations."  Many of the repondents cited special license regulations, "months long permitting" and ease of complying with community regulations as big factors that create the friendliness of communities toward small businesses!

In the article, they describe "we heard small business owners pining not for less government, but for smarter government".  States and communities with the friendliest ratings had coherent and consistently enforced licensing regulations (as well as well  publicized training and networking programs.)

Georgia was rated as a "B" (middle of the pack) for licensing regulations, but improvements can be made.

We agree whole heartedly!  Streamlining the ability to conduct business with governments, especially time sensitive film/TV productions, is critical.  More and more communities and businesses are learning technology can play an important role in creating smarter business relations with the result of more economic development and jobs.

Well done, Sander!  His company ( provides a service to hire help from local, pre-screened businesses.

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