Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Community Film/TV Approval Nightmares

Over the  past 12 months, I've heard firsthand about some scary stories involving well intended people trying to obtain/issue approvals and permits for local filming.  Here's some and their impact:

- Filming stopped on major film for 10 days because permit not obtained from federal agency for a simple water scene.  Cost?  About $20,000 for lodging alone to finish filming when issue resolved.

- Independent film producer had obtained their "primary" lead for 5 days - all they could afford and they fit it into the actor's schedule.  When time to film, some local permits were not obtained and it caused several days' delay while resolving.  Permits finally issued but Primary Lead Actor had to leave - including with their paycheck, leaving the independent film producer without their Lead Actor and little "recovery" money.

- Indie film with multiple locations delayed in Location 1 because of community permitting issues. That caused a cascading effect on housing, logistics in Location 2.  Lost their lodging deposit for first night in Location 2 due to delays in Location 1 PLUS had to stay additional nights in Location 1 to finish the shoot!  Ouch!

- Filming on large movie; used govt property and applied for permits but didn't finish all the detailed requirements.  Wrapped the film and were notified later by govt property agency they must refile the permit and hope it was done complete and right or the film company could not use the film already shot on the property (including some big name actors and stunts.)

Bottom Line:  Despite best efforts, a lot can go wrong with complex projects like film/TV productions.

Let's hear your stories - we can all learn from them!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Two Sides of "Maybe"

"Maybe" can be the best and worst thing entrepreneurs can hear.

In one context,  "Maybe" can be used to put off a decision or even be a smokescreen for non-decision makers who lack the courage to just say "NO".  In that situation, "maybe" prevents decisive action on topics that are often time sensitive.  It's a brutally inefficient factor in running a business. Please, if you really mean "NO", just say so quickly. We can live with Yes or No, but Maybe is awful.  Do us all a favor and make a decision.

On the FLIP side, "Maybe" can be wonderful news.  It means someone - hopefully a decision maker - is realizing the role of a leader is to maximize their department/agency/company's performance.  "MAYBE" is an indication they realize there is possibly a better way, opening the door for considering your product or service.  When leaders of any kind - government, business or others in charge - keep a "Maybe" in mind when exploring new ideas, that's a good thing.

Can one word bring good news and bad news at the same time?