Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Two Sides of "Maybe"

"Maybe" can be the best and worst thing entrepreneurs can hear.

In one context,  "Maybe" can be used to put off a decision or even be a smokescreen for non-decision makers who lack the courage to just say "NO".  In that situation, "maybe" prevents decisive action on topics that are often time sensitive.  It's a brutally inefficient factor in running a business. Please, if you really mean "NO", just say so quickly. We can live with Yes or No, but Maybe is awful.  Do us all a favor and make a decision.

On the FLIP side, "Maybe" can be wonderful news.  It means someone - hopefully a decision maker - is realizing the role of a leader is to maximize their department/agency/company's performance.  "MAYBE" is an indication they realize there is possibly a better way, opening the door for considering your product or service.  When leaders of any kind - government, business or others in charge - keep a "Maybe" in mind when exploring new ideas, that's a good thing.

Can one word bring good news and bad news at the same time?


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  1. Clarification based on some feedback on the blog- "MAYBE" should have a Shelf life.

    At some point, it's time to move on and reassign resources to other options that may prove productive and avoid a perpetual holding pattern.