Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lincoln film generates big impact for Virginia

We've heard the new movie "Lincoln" is another great work from Steven Speilberg and has produced massive financial impact on Virginia - in a GOOD way!

"...the filming of “Lincoln” in Richmond and Petersburg had direct expenditures of $32.4 million in the state and a total economic impact of $64.1 million.

They ticked off a ream of financial impacts: The film company hired 1,199 Virginia-based actors and extras and 380 crew members, required 23,580 room nights in hotels and apartments, and benefited businesses ranging from grocery stores to restaurants to even antique stores.

 The state spent years trying to attract the film production to their state, with the result a financial windfall.

Maybe other communities and states may want to re-examine the creative options and tools available to help attract filming to their communities - such as easier interaction with the local communities. is one such tool that's helping communities compete for filming in ways beyond tax incentives.

For now, let's appreciate the great work from Virginia, Gov. Bob McDonnell and others who have worked hard and are celebrating the success of those efforts!

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