Thursday, December 20, 2012

In case the world does NOT end Friday...

There's a lot of buzz about the world ending Friday according to the  Mayan calendar.  I guess we will have to wait to see if that really happens, but just in case here are a few things I plan to do before Friday:

1) Hug my wife; pet the cats
2) Hot fudge sundae
3) Walk down the basement stairs, look at the basement to be cleaned up, walk back upstairs
4) Wear my favorite slippers
5) Not shave
6) Feed the birds
7) Tell a stranger something nice about them
8) Mail remaining Christmas cards (just in case)
9) Not wrap Christmas presents - we still have time Saturday/Sunday
10) Resist the urge to buy stuff on credit cards
11) Try to go fishing
12) Watch Gunsmoke with my wife while eating Christmas cookies
13) Take a long hot shower. Use up the hot water (yes, the wife gets the shower first!).  Use new soap.
14) Draw something using ink, not a pencil (who cares if I have to erase it?)
15) Put on the "out of office" greeting for voicemail/email (wait, that wouldn't be neccesary, would it?)

Although the end of the world may not happen, it might be a good reminder for us to look at each day with a new perspective, wouldn't it?

Now I need to go look and see if we have some Tums for Friday morning...

Happy Thursday!

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