Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome! Then "SLAP!"

This week I got "slapped" by two companies.

Both eagerly want new businesses, especially emerging small companies. They offer good free trials and good product, based on my research.  So I signed up and began the implementation process.

I got partially complete with the implementation but had other priorities to focus upon, too.

Then came the SLAP! emails...

One said I was approaching the limits of capacity of the free trial and my account would be cancelled if I reached the capacity of the plan (HUH?).  But I could re- sign up for another free account with fewer capacity count or pay some "overage" fee, or upgrade to a higher capacity paid plan.

The other sent said my "trial subscription would end soon".

Except I had paid for a year's service, not a free trial.

I was furious, especially since this company is a "customer care" system!

Presumably,both companies want new customers. They offer free/inexpensive plans to build future business and ingrain themselves into my business practices.

Great concept. Customer acquisition costs are low and marketing's goals of  identifying, attracting, informing and attracting new customers worked.  A marketer's dream come true.

Then they blow it all with one poorly worded email.  It changes the new customer experience from happy and looking to validate my decision to a "SLAP".

There's a message for us all here:  We spend a lot of time and effort "dating" but after the ceremony, do we really treat the customers with the right respect and experience?  If not, let's learn from this and make it a better user experience.  Make them happy and proud to have selected us.  Reward them, not penalize them. 

WELCOME should mean "WELCOME".  Keep the slaps for those who deserve it.  

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