Monday, January 21, 2013

Film Permitting Policies Gone Bad

We encounter a wide range of well intended but sometimes "impractical" film approval and permitting policies issued by local government communities.

Some are simply not thought through completely. Some are, well, a bit autocratic.

They do make for entertaining reading, except when the film/TV/music video production has to navigate them. was built to be an online, affordable one stop shop for communities to make it easier to film there and avoid roadblocks that may have crept into the approval process.  We want to avoid the kind of things like those listed below.

Here's a start...  comment and add yours to the list. We'd love to hear the stories! (Keep the communities anonymous please!)

1) "We want the permit application notarized"

2) "We want the license plate numbers of all vehicles to be used in the filming"
(14 day advance notice)
(How would the filming company know the tag numbers of vehicles to be rented until they get community filming approval? Are they supposed to rent the vehicles for 14 days to capture the tag number while waiting for approval?  And if the community denies the permit, wouldn't different vehicles be rented in the alternative filming community?)

3) "We want the name and home address of all filming company executives"  (Mr. Speilberg, what is your home address and phone number? Our clerk needs to know that ")

4) "List any convictions for community, state, federal laws broken"  (Sure, I had a DUI in college. Now it's 15 years later and I want to spend $500,000 of new revenue in your cash starved community. Are you saying you want to deny my application because of a morals clause?  Do they require that of ALL business and event applicants, such as fairs, festivals, road races, etc.?)

5) Provide to each City Council member the written proof you have notified local residents of intended filming (before the application is approved).  (A.  Why all the City Council members? Wouldn't the one involved in the community affected be better?  Why have THEM notified at ALL?  B. If the application is denied (for that date/time/ or rescheduled), the written notification process to the community residents as part of the application would have been wasted!)

6) The Deputy Sheriff knocked on our door demanding to see the film permit, even though we were filming exclusively on private property INSIDE THE HOUSE with permission from the owner, who was there at the filming.  (Big sigh!)

Please post your experiences and stories in the comments section!

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