Monday, January 21, 2013

Why he does not film in Michigan - a lesson for all communities who want to attract filming!

Why he does not film in Michigan

In his article (link above), Jeff Steele (film financier and experienced in the film industry), describes the importance of a stable political climate in potential filming states.  The long runway to planning a film requires a stable environment for matters like film tax credits and more.

If a state is tweaking, enhancing their policies, he indicates that's ok. If they are wholesale considering removing incentives or other major impacts, it isn't worth the risk. There are simply too many other places to film!

There's lessons for us all here:
1) Make it easy for a film production company to use your state/county/city/country.
2) Look for ways to incrementally enhance your competitive message to attract filming ( easy online film permitting might be one example)
3) It you plan to make big changes to the filming policy, be sure to weigh the long term impacts. They may surprise you!

What do you think about community policies and incentives? Do they really work? We'd love to hear your opinion.

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