Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Business Video helps promote your business

Here's a quick and inexpensive way to improve your message to the marketplace, gain SEO traction and compete better.

These are experienced Entrepreneurs who have been in the TV and media industry a LONG time (Leslie won't let me say how long!) but they know their stuff.

FLIPSFilm.com recommends contacting these folks in the Atlanta, GA area to help promote your business.

Dear Business Owner,

If you’re in business for yourself it is time for you to step into the light. That light is illuminating your image on your company’s web site. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business in the upstate of New York or a conglomerate in downtown Chicago, it’s time for you to step forward and be seen. Businesses today who compete on any level have to have an Internet presence. They also have to be “rank worthy” in some shape or form to be found in the mass clutter of the web. Hedge your bets and give your company the upper hand with VContent.

VContent is your very own web site video that features your companies’ owner, CEO or manager as the spokesperson. Your VContent will give your company a face and your business a boost. The face of your company will speak to your web site visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And your company gets a boost from the constant web traffic created by your VContent. Search engines constantly rank video content on the web, when your video starts to be ranked your site follows. Ranking come as your video is seen and people comment about it or “like” it.

32nd Street Media, LLC, is offering you a chance to get in the game with your own video content. We will visit your office and record your three-minute presentation. Why a three minute limit? Internet research says a viewer, on average, will not watch more than three minutes of a presentation or informative type video. It is also enough record time to introduce yourself and the company you represent and the services you provide.

32nd Street Media, LLC, will give you the information and support you need to make your Vcontent succeed. We will provide you with helpful information during the scripting phase. We will use our 31 years of broadcast experience to make you look and sound like a professional.

Vcontent is a great way to engage users who visit your web site. It will also be a conversation starter for potential customers and provide background information to new customers. Your VContent will give you the competitive edge over your rivals.

For more information about VContent, and our terms and conditions, email Reggie Flake at, reggie@32ndstreetmedia.com or call him at 612.961.6370.

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