Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hooray for Gilbert!

Courtesy Govtech.com article

Gilbert, Arizona should be a local government's hero.  They've done something even large cities, counties and states have not been able to pull off.

Their elected officials and administration have rolled up their sleeves and formally adopted a philosophy of serving constituents better through automation.

And it works!

"Gilbert passed a council directive that encouraged the city to become a technology leader by finding creative and innovative ways to utilize technology for town operations."

"One such operation that needed attention was streamlined workflow management; it's something the town has struggled with, said system administrator Kirsten Larsen, adding that the town still heavily relied on paper-based forms.

“Everything we do we try to keep in mind of being a technology leader and being best in class, so for limited staff we decided we’d try to improve our basic business processes each day by automating them,” she said. “We wanted to eliminate paper, we wanted to reduce staff time and everyday processes by increased productivity.”

In some communities, that would be crazy talk! 

But for Gilbert, it's a clear path to excellence.  

Not only does this save money, but automation can extend economic development, tourism,  and other community benefits. Oh, and serving the citizens better, too.

To Gilbert, Arizona, a town of 220,000  - big kudos to you for doing a good job, keeping your mission in perspective and showing other communities how the right technology can be an asset.

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