Monday, June 3, 2013

Netflix to Invest Heavily in New, Original Productions

Netflix' decision to invest in new productions follows Amazon Studios' announcement to also invest in additional programming to serve the market. That's good news for economic development, film/TV production industries and state/local/municipalities who are eager to attract new filming. 

The filming pie just got bigger!

But there's a bigger lesson in this announcement for communities, governments, film commissioners, mayors, county commissioners, film liasons, tourism officials, chambers of commerce and others.  Including us.

Ted Sarandos (Netflix Chief Content Officer) nailed it.
"I believe there’s a bigger business in customer satisfaction than managing business satisfaction."

Instead of focusing on governmental internal processes, maybe the bigger reward is listening to external markets and providing what they want. When they want it. How they want it.

That includes enabling filming in communities, making it easier, faster, less complicated. For a wider range of media production creators, not just the traditional, big organizations who have the resources and patience to deal with inefficiencies, outdated policies and slow response to requests.

Example: One community just passed a film ordinance to help formalize their message to filmmakers.  Congratulations.  But it took 3 WEEKS to mail a copy of the new film ordinance to me after requesting it from them.  
It wasn't posted online as the minutes of the public meeting.It seems they only mail hard copy of requests of the public document and policy. 
No email, no online posting, no fax.  Snail mail. That's their "policy".
And they are proud of their innovation to attract new business like filming.  Wonder what message that sends to prospective filmmakers who need fast coordination and approvals for filming?
Maybe it's time we all re-examine our emphasis on managing "business satisfaction" and focus more on "customer satisfaction".

Perhaps Netflix and Amazon's success in developing a non-traditional media channel distribution market has something to it!

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