Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Steak, Chicken or $2.5 million fine


Weddings can be complicated.  There's lots of issues, emotions run strong and there's plenty of opportunity to overlook something.  Steak or Chicken or Vegetarian. But some things really do need attention for any production.

Like getting authorization permits to built a movie like set for their wedding site.  On an environmentally sensitive area of Big Sur.


I'm married. I get it. We want our brides to be happy. Make it a special day.

But whether it's a wedding, other special event or movie production, overlooking something as simple as a permit can be expensive.  $2.5 million reminders in this case, though Sean Parker can likely afford it.  Probably have to cut back on bowling for a while but he is still solvent.

At, we can appreciate the impact of "unforced errors" in a big production.  The reasons range from lack of knowledge about what is needed to simply ignoring the rules and everything in between.  In Sean's case, it seems to be an honest case of accidental ommission and he took full responsibility and cooperated completely to resolve it.  Good for him!

But what would have happened, as it often does with film/TV production, when an official shows up and shuts down the production because the proper permits/authorization hasn't been obtained?  At delays of even $50,000 or $100,000 a day (and many times millions of dollars daily), film/TV/event productions can't afford the risk of missing a permit or other approval delaying production.

That's one reason we started - to help prevent avoidable permitting/approval mistakes, save money and make events run more smoothly.

Because on her wedding day, a bride shouldn't have any worries.
Not even steak, chicken or vegetarian meals for the reception and certainly not government permit approvals!

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