Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Filmmaking and Rich Relatives

Communities who want new revenues may want to reconsider filming as a fast injection of revenues while promoting tourism and long term economic value.

Filmmakers are better than rich relatives:
- they come to town for a short time
- they fix up the town and leave it better than they found it
- they spend lots of money
- then they go away and talk nice about you!

What a concept!

But surprisingly, many communities haven't figured out how to serve this effervescent marketplace well.  We often hear big sighs of relief from filmmakers large and small when they encounter communities who have taken the time to really align the working relationship from a filmmaker's perspective.

Communities are the store.  Filmmakers are customers.  Communities would do well to take a lesson from trends that match technology to "shopping patterns" of filmmakers and make it easy to work with the community.

Like rich relatives, the filmmakers and TV productions ARE going to talk about you.  It's the community leaders' choice if those stories are positive or negative.

Maybe a 2014 resolution is to reexamine the community's story before the "relatives" return!

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