Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holy Cow! Filmmaker responds to use of FLIPSFilm

Holy Cow!


Where have you been all of my life?! I've been in the TV biz for a long time and I've NEVER been able to get a permit so quickly in all my life. We run into a ton of difficulties in this business, finding out at 2pm the day before a shoot that you need a permit is our absolute worst nightmare - you saved the day!! Again, thank you so much.

Craig Ball


Thanks, Craig, for the kind words about using www.flipsfilm.com (he used our service to obtain his filming permit approval in Alpharetta, Georgia today.)

He joins a growing list of delighted film/TV productions who have found flipsfilm.com to be a quick, efficient tool for location managers, location scouts and others.  We are happy to be working with such innovative communities like Alpharetta and others who are going the extra mile to creating a film friendly community!

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